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At GLOW we believe in taking ownership of life by cutting the toxins out and putting the goodness in. Our steadfast dedication to our craft, to our products, and most especially, to YOU drives this mission. You will see it reflected in every effort to inspire and model clean living. From our full range of all natural, organic beauty products to the waxing services we provide, you can expect that your skin and overall health are our top concerns. Let us help you clean up your beauty, clear your mind, and embrace each day by Living Alive!


Our mission goes back to our foundation as Waco’s premier waxing salon. Since 2009, we have led the pack with our dedication to holistic client care and comfort. Our multi-step hair removal method includes cleaning the skin and a pre-wax treatment to make your hair removal more efficient and minimize discomfort. By properly preparing the skin, our technique is gentler, faster, and more efficient than using hard wax or sugar.


We use only the highest quality soft wax formulated for sensitive skin. Because we care about our clients and understand that they make our business, we also take all precautions to maintain cleanliness and bacteria control. We never reuse our wax sticks, and our professionals are certified in proper sanitation procedures using non-toxic, hospital grade disinfectants.


Following every service, we provide a post-wax treatment to soothe and calm your skin. Our attention to holistic care doesn’t stop there. We believe that instructing our clients in proper home care and maintenance is of the utmost importance. At GLOW, you can find everything you need to give your skin the love it deserves and ensure your wax, whether it’s brows or bikinis, lasts as long as possible. This includes post-wax serums, all-natural intimate care products, and our signature pumpkin pumice body scrub – a GLOW staple since 2010!


After a decade of working closely with our amazing clientele, we realized we wanted to do more, and you all were seeking it. You deserve to see our dedication to clean, toxin-free services expand into everything we do and offer. With that in mind, we eliminated anything that didn’t quite match our vision and sought new ways to care for your body, hair, mind and home in the ways that we have always cared for your skin.


With a massive product expansion and the launch of our Living Alive campaign, we made GLOW your first stop when looking for clean beauty and a clean life. From vegan makeup and essential oils to organic haircare and luxe, all-natural bath products, let us help you detox your self-care routine and embrace a new you!

Robyn, GLOW Owner
Hannah, GLOW Social Media Director



An esthetician since 2006, Robyn provides the best waxing experience in Waco, where she lives with her husband and two dogs. Outside of GLOW, she loves plants of all kinds, books, and music.  Her children and grandchildren are endless sources of delight!



Hannah is an anthropologist in her full-time life, but a girl of many talents otherwise - writer, fitness enthusiast, social media director extraordinaire.  She lives in Boston, MA where she attends graduate school and spends too much money on coffee and concerts.

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