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Refillable: yes



Thanks to its light texture, the "silk foundation" allows an easy application with a natural silky effect and a powdery finish. This foundation guarantees perfect and seamless "coverage". Organic sweet almond oil, jojoba and shea butter give this foundation a deep moisturizing effect and a delicate freshness. The micro-particles of pure silver helps protect the skin as well as to preserve the product.

Refill Tube is made out of 100% recyclable & BPA free plastic material.


Beauty tip:

  • Choose the color that most closely matches the color of your skin.
  • Neither too bright nor too dark is best to avoid contrast with the natural complexion of the neck.
  • For medium coverage, apply using a ZAO natural rubber sponge, or directly with fingers.
  • The silk foundation is applied from the center to the outside, without forgetting the nose.

Zao Silk Foundation (liquid)

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