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Refillable: yes



The matte, velvety texture provides a perfect chic smile in the color of your choice. With carnauba wax and organic cast or, olive, apricot and jojoba oil, this matte lipstick truly moisturizing – unlike many matte lipsticks which can be drying.

Please note that due to the natural oils that avoid dry sensation, ZAO matte lipsticks have a very, very light shine.


Beauty tip:

To achieve a sophisticated and long-wearing look that will last all day and night, follow these three steps:

  • Using a brush, first apply the lipstick to the outline of your lips by making a thin line that accentuates the fullness of your lips.
  • Finally, finish with your favorite ZAO lipstick, using a brush for perfection.
  • Add a bit of lip polish or gloss for a stunning shine.
  • Refill your ZAO tube with the color to match your outfit and your mood.
  • Choose your color to match your outfit and your mood following the nude trend.

Zao Organic Matte Lipstick

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