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Since skin is never as attractive as when it’s tanned, this bronzer will give you a natural glow. It brightens and revives the complexion quickly for a perfect summer tan. With an amazing hold thankfully to the organic corn starch, this bronzer will keep your skin  hydrated with castor oil and reduce the shine of combination skin with the benefits of bamboo powder. Its neutral shade is perfect for any skin tone.

Guaranteed a healthy glow effect!


Beauty Tips:

  • Apply on the contour of your face by drawing the number 3 on each side.
  • Leave from the top of the forehead following the roots of your hair, go down following the curve of the cheekbones and finish on the line of the maxillae.
  • Also apply mineral cooked powder directly on the nose (for long noses), or on the wings of the nose (for thick noses).

Zao Natural Matte Bronzer

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