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Designed to blend any skin imperfections, dark circles or puffiness. Apply it as a corrective cream to provide "coverage" while keeping a perfectly natural look. With organic *castor oil, organic * carnabua wax and organic* bamboo macerate, this concealer is excellent as an anti-oxidant and skin-repair aid. Thanks to the ricoleic acid and organica silica it contains, it is a highly effective shield against free radicals, which are responsible for the aging of cells plus it will help maintain the elasticity of the upper layers of the epidermis due to silica collagen production. The stick format is convenient for on-the-go touch ups during your day.


Beauty Tips:

  • Select a shade one tone lighter than the color of your skin.
  • It should be applied after foundation and before powder.
  • To soften dark under-eye circles, start at the inner corner of your eye drawing a straight line downward towards the corner of the nostril. Proceed todraw the next line from the nostril upwards toward the outer corner of the triangle shape. Next using a concealer brush or your ring finger (depending onthe desired coverage), fill in the triangle blending outward away from the nose.
  • For a fast finish, apply the corrector directly or on your finger and dab it.
  • For a more precise application, use a brush.
  • To balance and clear up your complexion, apply concealer on vessels, redness on the nose or deep lines of expression.



Zao Concealer

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