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This antioxidant serum doubles as a rose facial oil that sinks in quickly to address dry and aging skin concerns.  Powered by nourishing rose absolute, which gives this facial oil its true rose aroma, and a blend of nutrient-rich oils including rosehip, pomegranate and jojoba oil.  This “rose facial oil and antioxidant serum in one” is our richest facial oil option which makes it our best facial oil to help nourish dry and aging skin. 




Why This Facial Oil Works

Antioxidants help protect the skin from free radical damage that ages skin.  The natural oils of rose, rosehip, pomegranate, evening primrose and jojoba are all naturally rich in effective antioxidants. The fatty acid profile of this rose facial oil is also formulated to provide nourishment and help improve skin hydration.  Coq10 and rosehip oil help promote a youthful glow.


Good to Know

Freshness is key to antioxidant activity in natural oils, which is why this antioxidant serum is only made with the freshest oils available.    Click on the Ritual tab to learn more

Rose Nourishing Serum

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