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When skin needs hydration, a few mists of this rose water toner will provide it at a cellular level. Made with a blend or Damascus rose, rose geranium and rock rose water, this unconventional rose water toner has a light rose petal aroma that is comforting and emotionally balancing.   This rose water blend is boosted with rooibos tea, aloe vera, and frankincense hydrosol. Suitable for all skin states but best for dry and combination skin.




Why This Toner Works

Hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the human body, is a cell-communicating ingredient that boosts your skin’s moisture content while reducing inflammation. In this toner we combine a vegan hyaluronic acid with anti-aging rose water, clarifying rooibos tea, soothing aloe vera, and a skin refining frankincense hydrosol to create a deeply hydrating rose toner.


Good To Know

Toners have gotten a bad reputation over the years and for good reason - many are filled with alcohol and are just expensive water that dries out the skin (yuck!). This toner is not that -  it is a concentrated aqueous botanical infusion that will provide your skin with nutrient-dense hydration. Click on the Ritual tab to learn more.

Rose Hydrating Toner

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