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You Will Love Jojoba Oil: Sick of dry skin, but hate greasy lotions? Meet jojoba. Yes, an oil that won’t leave you feeling greasy. It mimics your body’s natural oil levels to make your skin healthy and vibrant.

Suggested Use: Often used as a natural moisturizer, Jojoba is non-greasy and promotes healthy, vibrant skin. It is very similar to sebum, the skin’s natural moisturizer. Jojoba’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help treat dandruff, acne, dry skin and wrinkles.


BOTANICAL NAME: Simmondsia chinensis

EXTRACTION METHOD: Cold-pressed from Jojoba seeds.

AROMA: Jojoba has a subtly pleasant aroma.

CONSISTENCY: Typical of carrier oils

COLOR: Golden

ABSORPTION: Jojoba creates a barrier, but will leave a satiny finish.

100% Pure Jojoba Oil (carrier oil)

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